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Another Snow.jpg

Another Snow. 80 x 95 cm. Sold!

Meilleurs qu'une amanite! 120 x 60 cm.jpg

Meilleures Qu'Une Amanite! 60 x 120 cm. Available.

Changing Waters. 60x135.jpg

Changing Waters. 65 x 130 cm. Available.

Un autre glacier. 70x90.jpg

Un Autre Glacier. 70 x 90 cm. Sold!

Life in Terre d'Hermès. 80x115.jpg

Wilderness in Terre d'Hermès. 80 x 115 cm. Available.

Fed Up With Honey! 90x90 .jpg

Fed Up With Honey! 90 x 90 cm. Sold!

Hot tub. 80x105 cm.jpg

Hot Tub. 80 x 105 cm. Available.

Very Bloody Mary.jpg
La vie en Rose 75x130cm.jpg
Kiss the Prince! .jpg
A Smaller Iceberg. 80x130.jpg
Hi Coco! 80x125 cm.jpg

Kiss The Prince!  65 x 130 cm. Sold!

Very Bloody Mary. 80 x 140 cm. Available.

A Smaller Pack Ice. 80 x 130 cm. Available.

La Vie en Rose. 75 x 130 cm. Available.

"Hello Coco". Acrylic on canvas, 80 X125 cm . Available.

One of Us_.jpg

"One of Us?". Acrylic on canvas, 75 x 145 cm. Sold.

What's Left_ 75_110.jpg

"What's Left?". Acrylic on canvas 75 x 110 cm. Available.

Reduce Space. 75_110 .jpg
Reduce Space. Detail..jpg

"Reduced Space". Acrylic on canvas,  75 x 110 cm. Sold.

Temporary Solution_ Detail.jpg
Temporary Solution_.jpg

"Temporary Solution?". Acrylic on canvas, 80 x 120 cm. Sold.

Swinging in the Belvedere Tree.jpg

"Swinging in the Belvedere Tree. Acrylic on canvas 85 x 140 cm. Sold.

Curiosity... detail LR.jpg
Swinging in the Belvedere Tree. Detail.jpg

"Curiosity". Acrylic on canvas, 80 x 115 cm. Sold.

Fed Up of Water! 75x130 cm.jpg
Fed Up of Water! detail LR.jpg

"Fed Up with Water". Acrylic on canvas 75 x 130 cm. Available.

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